Prices and How to Book..

The first thing most customers will as is how much for a disco? My answer will be it depends on where I have to go and what I have to do and for how long. No two functions will be the same so I like to have a chat with clients fires before I can give a price that will reflect a clients needs. It is true a children’s 2 hour party will cost less than an evening disco for  5 hours. It is also true a Wedding Disco can also include A pre prepared Playlist and a lot more preparation and planning around the Wedding time line and other Wedding services hence they can be more expensive but often can include Master of Ceremony services.

I have found  its best to have a chat as there are several type of disco I can supply and what works for one client may not  work for another. You can contact me at any time if you have any questions and don’t forget I have the documentation venues require these days for public liability and so on. Please get in touch Via email or telephone below.


Thanks Vince Taylor

Tel 07989222493

Mbl 01670 521137

You can Email any questions by clicking the link below.

You can Email any questions by clicking the link below.