Hello and welcome to The Capricorn Mobile Disco website.

My name is Vince Taylor I have been a mobile DJ for 30 years. In that time I have supplied Wedding and family discos across Northumberland.

If 80s theme nights are your thing then I am your man I was there when it was happening ,the same with the 70s and 90s too.

so if you want an experienced DJ that can entertain you with music and dancing then give me a call.


The first thing most customers will as is how much for a disco? My answer will be it depends on where I have to go and what I have to do and for how long. It is true a children’s 2 hour party will cost less than an evening disco for  5 hours.

An evening disco from 19.00 to 24.00 will cost from £250.00 on a Weekend.

Mid week rates would be from £165.00.

A Kids or teenage disco would be from £100.00

New year’s eve and Bank Holidays would have different rates from above

You may ask yourself why book with Vince?.

  • You are my Client.
  • You will be dealing with me.
  • I will listen to what you want.
  • I will supply adequate sound and light.
  • I can use your playlist to make your night.
  • Haze and bubbles supplied

If any of the above is what you are looking for when you entrust some one to provide you with your disco then am your DJ.

People say oh a disco is easy so why should I pay good money so the Dj can press play.

My answer to that is yes I do press play but first I have researched what songs you may require and put them in an order that works together. If you have a special song such as your first dance you need to know that when I press play it will be your song the way you want it.

Your night may have guest from far and wide part of my job as a Dj will be to interact with them to ensure as much as possible have a good time.

It is starting to become the norm that your Dj is not just a Dj but is viewed as your Host or Master of ceremonies for your function to do this takes not just experience but confidence and a friendly approach.

The information customers need is still here for all to find such as who I am and what I can do for your special occasion and celebration. Links to my email will now be direct and on every page you can find my contact numbers. So have a look around the home of Capricorn Mobile disco.


Vince Taylor

Mbl 07989222493

Tel 01670521137

You can Email any questions by clicking the link below.